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Wilot IoT Gateway

The Wilow® IOT Gateway is a ruggedized outdoor IOT gateway encapsulated in IP66 protective casing to connect with Beanair Wilow® IOT sensors. This sensor system supports both Wifi and 3G/4G/LTE wireless protocols and suitable for Structural Health Monitoring, Ground vibration monitoring and Land surveying applications. This IoT gateway is also configured with Wireless distribution system (WDS) function which allows bridging with other Wifi bridges or repeaters to achieve a better wireless coverage.

All Wilow sensors are configured with combination of MQTT protocols and 4G connectivity to enable fast and effortless data transmission to the cloud. Connecting these systems with a supervision software from Beanair, The BeanScape® Wilow®, users will be able to remotely monitor all the collected data in real-time. An extended version, BeanScape Wilow RA is needed for remote access. The gateway is also supplied with high-gain outdoor antenna to secure connection to the cloud. This is powered from external AC power supply and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery to maintain connection to the wireless network during interruptions.

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