Components & Assemblies Leak Detection

Bestech Australia offers high quality leak testers from Furness Controls to streamline quality checking process for manufacturing industries. Normal modern production lines have implemented automated monitoring and assembly systems to a very high level of integrity and tolerance. Yet at many stages of the manufacturing cycle, products still need to be inspected by old laborious method for defects such as porosity, cracks, faulty assembly, poor seals, poor fit, etc.

Due to this issue, manufacturers often utilize batch quality testing method to check for production faults. This may incur a significant level of faulty products finding their way onto the market that may affect branding and loss-of-profits. The constant drive for efficiency and quality has driven the need for automated inspection method for 100% testing of manufactured products.

By measuring the loss of air pressure instead of the drop in the overall pressure, the leak testers from Furness are able to achieve a high-resolution and sub-pascal leak detection at a wide range of testing pressure from a few millibars up to 30 bar. These leak testing devices are suitable for manufacturing industries in testing of components and manufactured parts. Components and assemblies ranging from automotive radiators, gas appliances, valves, medical devices and vacuum cleaners must be tested as “fit for purpose” during manufacturing process. With the leak detection instruments from Furness Controls can carry out a wide range of test types, including leak, blockage, ramp, coarse and pressure, all-in-one instrument.