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WPMZ-3 | Graphical digital panel meter (Strain gauge)

The WPMZ digital panel meter is a multi-display digital panel meter specifically designed for applications in production environment. The design of this high performance digital panel meter is focused on the simplicity and usability. This digital panel meter offers sharp display and controlled brightness for increased visibility on production site. Up to 5 brightness level can be adjusted according to the lighting level on site. This allows the operator to easily read small digits from distance. In addition, up to 4 high visibility background color can be set to assist site personnel in quick recognition in case the alarm is set off. The displaying can also be rotated by 90o to allow installation on narrow spaces.

The WPMZ-3 panel meter is designed to accept measurement from strain gauge transducers. This panel meter offers a wave compare and multi hold function which is suitable for process control and quality control applications on the manufacturing site where mass production is carried out. It also has an aggregate sampling rate of 4kHz which is sufficient to cater for measuring requirement on the production line or manufacturing process in the factory.

Download Application booklet Quality control with wave comparison The WPMZ3 is equipped with function to generate a reference waveform for comparison during quality inspection. The measurement waveform will be compared with the reference waveform. Alarm output can be set to alert the operator when the measured point does not fall within the range of reference waveform.
All WPMZ digital panel meters are equipped with ten arithmetic expression to calculate the results from the two input sensors. The measured values and the calculated value can be displayed in one display. The arithmetic expressions can be freely selected by the cross keys.
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