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A8000 Series | Universal Digital Panel Meter

The A8000 is an universal digital panel meter suited for almost all types of industrial measurements. This universal panel meter can measure AC/DC voltage and current, as well as accepting input from thermocouple and process sensors. The A8000 universal digital panel meter offers output in BCD with 4 1/2 digits display.

InputMeasuring Range%Accuracy
DC Voltage100mV - 200V0.1% of F.S + 2 digits
DC Current2mA - 2A0.2% of F.S + 2 digits
AC Voltage (True RMS)200mV - 200V0.2% of F.S + 20 digits
AC Current (True RMS)20mA - 2A0.5% of F.S + 20 digits
ThermocoupleType K, J, T, S, R, B0.4% of F.S
RTDPt100 (-100 to 200oC and -100 to 600oC)0.3% of F.S
Process1 - 5V, 4-20mA0.2% of F.S + 3 digits
Power supply: 5V to 12VDC, 12V to 24VDCPower consumption: Appro x 1.5WDimensions: 48mm (W) x 24mm (H) x 96mm (D) DIN sizeWeight (unit only) : Approximately 100g
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