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WPMZ-1 | Graphical digital panel meter (DC Voltage and Current)

The WPMZ digital panel meter is a multi-display digital panel meter specifically designed for applications in production environment. The design of this high performance digital panel meter is focused on the simplicity and usability. This digital panel meter offers sharp display and controlled brightness for increased visibility on production site. Up to 5 brightness level can be adjusted according to the lighting level on site. This allows the operator to easily read small digits from distance. In addition, up to 4 high visibility background color can be set to assist site personnel in quick recognition in case the alarm is set off. The displaying can also be rotated by 90o to allow installation on narrow spaces.

The WPMZ-1 panel meter is designed to accept transducers with DC voltage/current signal output. It offers an aggregate sampling rate of 4kHz which is sufficient to cater for measuring requirement on the production line or manufacturing process in the factory. It can also be used to automate quality inspection process in terms of accepting or rejecting defects.

Download Application booklet Detecting lead length of capacitor

The length of the lead of a capacitor is generally long when they are manufactured. Using this directly in a circuit can create potential issues in a circuit such as unwanted inductive effect which may prevent the capacitor to serve its intended role. Two displacement sensors can be used to detect the length of both anode and cathode. The input signals are fed to the WPMZ-1. The calculation function of the WPMZ-1 can be used to detect the difference in lead length.

Measuring Instantaneous Change of Force

The WPMZ-1 offers a fast sampling of 4kHz maximum (if only 1 channel is used) and 2kHz (for 2 channels). This allows the device to capture instantaneous value that commonly occur during press management or torque management.

All WPMZ digital panel meters are equipped with ten arithmetic expression to calculate the results from the two input sensors. The measured values and the calculated value can be displayed in one display. The arithmetic expressions can be freely selected by the cross keys.
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