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Robotics- ARISTO Articulated Robot

ARISTO is a 6 axis articulated robotic arm with 2.5kg of payload. ARISTO is offered with pneumatic or vacuum grippers. ARISTO has won the Defence Technology Spin Off award from India Ministry of Defence. ARISTO is designed for a wide variety of industrial applications: pick and place; assembly; machine tending; palletizing; simulated welding; simulated painting.

ARISTO is programmable via Ethernet port or Wireless signal through M-Robot software. It can be integrated with automation modules to create work-cells. For training, ARISTO package is designed to get students familiar with the industrial robots, their applications and programming. It comes with 6-axis robotic arm, controller, M-Robot programming & simulation software, optional experiment kit.

ARISTO robot can be quickly integrated with machines for pick & place, palletizing and machine tending operations. We also offer ARISTOSIM, offline simulation software, where users can import objects and create simulations.

ARISTO can be integrated into an FMS/ CIM set up and controlled via CIMSIM Software.

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