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The InertialLabs RESEPI is an instrument which is designed for real time and post-processed generation of point cloud solutions. It is a combination of Dual Antenna, high-performance GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System, datalogger, LiDAR, camera and communications system. The RESEPI is a complete remote sensing solution which equips required cables, mounting brackets, vibration isolator, LiDAR Calibration, Bore-sighting, Post-Processing (PPK) and Point Cloud software. The RESEPI is entirely modular also, and provides everything from assembling, calibrating, and bore-sighting. The fusion comes out to be a compact and cost-effective instrument, while also being available for white-labeling. Its processing platform contains a WiFi interface, embedded cellular modem to support RTCM corrections, data logging software and gigabit ethernet. The RESEPI can be used across the varied domains of industries. It conveniently allows for one-click processing from the payload to assist in machine learning, besides the real-time data output. It can be easily used for autonomous navigation (SLAM), surveying, or inspections for construction sites and is available in different models to suit the requirement.
The RESEPI comes packed with some amazing features such as:
  • USB memory drive up to 1 TB
  • Camera Interface
  • 200 m above ground level
  • WiFi & GSM
  • 3 - 5 cm point cloud accuracy  
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