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  • P78 | Submersible pressure transducer for harsh environments
  • P78 | Submersible pressure transducer for harsh environments

    The Validyne P78 is a submersible pressure transducer ideal for measuring differential pressure under water or in harsh environments. It is designed with a variable reluctance sensing technology to allow measurement in a wide range of industrial low pressure measurement applications where fast dynamic response, high resistance towards shock and vibration as well as superior signal stability under ambient temperature are required. This submersible differential pressure transducer is fully sealed in rugged 316 SST housing and can be used for measuring pressure in both liquid and gaseous medium. The sensing diaphragm can also be optionally designed in Inconel for corrosive applications. As no internal isolation fluid is used, the sensor offers fast responsive measurement and is not prone to temperature shift error.

    Key features:
    • Range: 0.086 bar - 220 bar
    • 4-20mA current sink, DC and isolated DC output
    • 0.25% accuracy of full scale

    The P78 rugged differential pressure transducers is suitable for pressure measurement in industrial applications that require fast dynamic response such as in:

    • Industrial level measurement in tank
    • Hydraulic system
    • Vehicle testing
    • Engine test cell
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