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optoCONTROL 1202 | Laser micrometer with large measuring range

The optocontrol 1202 offers the largest measuring range amongst all optoControl laser micrometers. The system consists high resolution CCD array detector and integrated controller for evaluating sub-pixels with micrometer resolution. The distance between the light source and the receiver can be adjusted between 2mm to 2 meters with no calibration. The sensor can be easily mounted as it features compact, integrated controller and fixing rails. The Teach-In button ensures rapid commissioning and the inclusion of digital interfaces make it possible for integration into wide range of industrial applications.
Key features:
  • Measuring range : 75mm - 96mm
  • Linearity : 0.2% of FSO
  • Resolution: 8μm
  • Frequency Response: 400Hz
  • Analog  0 -10VDC, RS232 and digital interfaces
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