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Burster 8709 | Miniature Potentiometric Displacement Sensors

The Burster 8709 potentiometer features a special multi-finger slider to ensure good contact with the measuring objects. It has a small housing diameter of only 12.7mm, making it suitable for measurement on miniature, compact and small structures. This miniature potentiometer displacement sensor can be easily attached and available with optional flange and ball joints adapter to complement a wide range of measurement applications.
Key features:
  • Measuring range: 0 to 25mm and 0 to 250mm
  • 05% of FS linearity
  • Up to 10m/s adjustable speed
  • Applications:
        • Measuring the stroke on riveting machines
        • Measuring insertion distances
        • Offset measurements on bearings
        • Spring travel measurements on axes
        • Measurements of the movement of hoisting platforms
        • Length measurements on pipe bending machines
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