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Burster 8719 | High speed linear potentiometer

The 8719 potentiometer from Burster offers measurements up to 900mm with high resolution and a high adjustment speed of up to 10m/s. This rugged linear potentiometer can be designed with an optional IP67 protection standard for underwater applications. A ball joint coupling is attached at the end of the sliding rod to minimize axial measurement errors.
Key Features:
  • Measurement range: 0 to 50mm and 0 to 900mm
  • 0.05% of full scale non-linearity
  • 0.01mm measuring resolution
  • Plug / cable connection
  • Durability: up to 100 million movement
Applications / Case Studies:
  • Length measurement on hydraulic cylinders
  • Measurement in longitudinal press-fit
  • Punch, knee lever and extruder applications
  • Bending / Deformation measurement
  • Displacement measurement in electromagnetic environment
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