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Laureate DC Digital Panel Meter

The Laureate DC panel meter is equipped with DC signal conditioner for measurement of DC voltage and DC current. The ranges are factory-calibrated and they are stored in an EEPROM on the signal conditioning board . Users can freely change the range in the field without having to recalibrate the panel meter. This digital panel meter is also equipped with digital noise filtering function to minimise error when used for measuring in an electrically-noisy environment.

DC Voltage

DC Voltage RangeResolutionInput ResistanceError at 25°C
±200.00 mV10 µV1 GΩ0.01% FS ± 2 cts
±2.0000 V100 µV1 GΩ0.01% FS ± 2 cts
±20.000 V1 mV10 MΩ0.01% FS ± 2 cts
±200.00 V10 mV10 MΩ0.01% FS ± 2 cts
±300.0 V0.1 V10 MΩ± 0.4 V
±600.0 V*0.1 V10 MΩ± 0.4 V
* Range not ETL certified.

DC Current

DC Current RangeResolutionInput ResistanceError at 25°C
±2.0000 mA0.1 µA100 Ω0.01% FS ± 2 cts
±20.000 mA1.0 µA10 Ω0.01% FS ± 2 cts
±200.00 mA10 µA1 Ω0.01% FS ± 2 cts
±5.000 A1 mA0.01Ω± 10 mA
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