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AM-215B | Compact Digital Panel Meter

The AM-215B is a compact digital panel meter with 1/32 DIN size for measurement of DC Voltage and DC current. It measures at a very high accuracy of  0.03% and display high accuracy output within 0.02% of span and a high response time of 100ms. This compact panel meter has a short depth of 72.8mm which makes it suitable to be used in narrow or restricted installation space.

Input Measuring Range %Accuracy
DC Voltage 100mV - 5V 0.03% of F.S + 2 digits
DC Current 4-20mA 0.03% of F.S + 2 digits
Power Supply: 24VDC + 20%
Weight: Approximately 70g
Dimension: 48mm(W) x 24mm(H) x 2.8mm(D) (1/32 DIN Size)
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