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HVT-5 Seismic Table

The HVT-5 Seismic Table teaching equipment is designed for educational institutes to demonstrate the different concepts of ground movement activity and structure reaction. It enables students to learn the fundamental concepts of structural design and design principles. The training equipment allows real-life simulation of response to vibration of different structures. It comes with the option of a wide variety of set-up variants to enable students to construct their models and fix them to the platform for testing for different experiments.  

Experimental Capabilities:

  • Uniaxial vibration, single degree of freedom
  • Dampening types and effectiveness on reducing vibration and magnitude of displacement
  • Anti-seismic protection
  • Experiments looking at the cross-sectional area, density, the centre of gravity, bending movements and weight distribution
  • Calculating natural frequency, spring stiffness, damping ratio and frequency response
  • Fixing conditions
  • Torsional twist of 3D models
  • Local vibration
  • Free location of sensor pick-up points and orientation
  • Different material reactions to amplitude and frequency of movement
  • Investigation of resonance speeds and modes
  • Dimensions: 340mm H x 670mm W x 480mm D
  • Weight: 10 kg
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