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HST3 Plastic Bending of Beams

The HST3 Plastic bending of beams training equipment is designed for educational institutes to demonstrate the practical experiments of plastic bending of beams. The teaching equipment enables students to apply a load until the specimen beam is in the fully plastic condition (the beam has undergone plastic collapse). The beam behaviour is then compared with the theoretical predictions based on traditional yield stress theory. The entire training equipment kit is available with tools and an instruction manual to perform the different laws of plastic collapse, moment, modulus, hinges, yield stress, propped cantilever, fixed beam and radius of curvature.  

Experimental capabilities:

  • Measurement of collapse load for a mild steel beam
  • Study of extra load carried as the beam is made redundant by end fixing
Specifications: Beam section: 20mm x 5mm Beam length: 800mm Digital Dial Gauge: 12.7mm travel; 0.01mm resolution Loading Mechanism: 0...500N
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