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HSM19 Rotating Fatigue Machine

The HSM19 Rotating Fatigue Machine is an educational tool designed for the demonstration of fatigue testing based on Wohler. It introduces students to the effects of material fatigue using a sinusoidal variation of bending stress. The equipment comprises a 2800rpm motor that rotates the specimen. A digital interface displays the revolution count of the specimen. Performing experiments on the trainer unit also help teachers to explain the concepts like S-N curves, Endurance Limit stress, Specimen geometry, etc. Moreover, a digital version of this teaching equipment is also available i.e. HSM19d rotating fatigue machine (digital version) that allows the operator to capture and review the data on the software on the user's computer connected via a USB socket.

Optional Equipment:

  • Optional steel test specimen set HSM19a
  • Optional brass test specimen set HSM19b
  • Optional aluminum test specimen set HSM19c
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