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  • Dual Antenna, GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems INS-DU-OEM
  • Dual Antenna, GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems INS-DU-OEM

    The Dual antenna GPS-aided inertial navigation system INS-DU is a low cost system that accurately measures Horizontal and Vertical Positions, Heading, Pitch & Roll, velocity and accelerations. It offers direct navigation support for Pixhawk Flight Controllers as NMEA messages. The INS-DU device is specially designed to be used for marine, land and aerial applications. It is suitable to be used with odometer, r, Wheel sensor, Encoder, DMI, DVL (Doppler Velocity Log), Wind sensor, Air Speed Sensor and Doppler shift from locator (for long-term GPS denied). 
    PARAMETERS GPS-aided inertial navigation system INS-DU-OEM
    Measurement Range: Gyroscope ±450 ; ±950 ; ±1864 deg/sec
    Measurement Range: Accelerometer ±8 ; ±15 ; ±40 g
    Measurement Range: Magnetometer ±8 gauss
    Operating Temperature -40 to +85 deg C
    Size 85.5mm x 47.7mm x 36.6mm
    Weight 160 gm
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