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F300 Compressible Flow Range

The F300 compressible flow system from PA Hilton is an educational bench-top unit that allows the student to investigate the compressible airflow and associated air turbines. The unit comprises an instrumentation and control console that supplies a variable flow of compressed air to the range of optional modules. The optional modules that come with this unit allow students to perform a detailed investigation on Sonic and Supersonic flow in nozzles, pressure losses in pipes and jet efficiency. F300 provides an extensive range of studies for students in mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, fluid mechanics, chemical engineering, nuclear engineering, plant & process engineering, control & instrumentation, engineering physics, building services and marine engineering. The Compressible Flow range F300 is benchtop equipment used for teaching students about the fundamentals of compressible flow and air turbines. The training equipment allows students to perform a variety of experiments to understand the heat transfer process, airflow measurement, supersonic flow, etc. There are optional modules available that help to investigate jet efficiency, pressure losses in pipes, and performance of impulse turbine and reaction turbine, nozzle choking through visual demonstration. The computerized data acquisition system is also available for some of the optional modules.
Key features: Electrical Specifications: A: 220/240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz (With earth/ground), line current up to 10A at 230V OR B: 110/120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground), line current up to 20A at 110V Dimensions: Height- 440cm Depth- 300cm Width- 440cm Weight- 17kg


That Enables Student Investigation of Compressible Air Flow and Associated Air Turbines

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