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Endevvo 7722/7724 | Piezoelectric accelerometer for cryogenic applications

The Endevco 7722/7724 piezoelectric accelerometer is designed rugged surfaces intended to be used for vibration measurements in cryogenic conditions. It exhibits strong signal outputs that are extremely stable even when it is used in cryogenic environment. These units are especially designed to withstand thermal shock with steep temperature gradient that too in multiple cycles. The accelerometers are constructed with connections preventing the thermal expansions such as wirebond, epoxy or solder to maintain high reliability under the most extreme temperature conditions. The 7722 model has its ground connected to the outer case whereas the 7724 model has both signal and ground isolated from the outer case. To work well with these high impedance accelerometers, ENDEVCO Signal Conditioner Models 133, 2775A or VCAS™ are highly recommended. Key Features:

  • Typical charge sensitivity: 3.7 pC/g
  • Resonance Frequency: 20 kHz
  • Frequency Response: 1 to 4000 Hz
  • Temperature range: -269°C to +177°C
  • Measurement range: up to 500 g
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