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Bearing/Balancing Fault Simulator (BBS)

The Bearing/Balancing Fault Simulator (BBS) is educational equipment that helps students to learn about bearings and shaft unbalance. It allows the instructor to generate bearing faults in setup and helps students to gain an understanding of vibration spectra associated with these faults under a variety of conditions. The trainer unit helps to illustrate the concept of vibration signatures of bearing and bearings malfunctions. In addition, these are optional 11 different application-specific study kits available that can be used for detailed investigations:

  • Balancing Training Book
  • Eccentric rotor
  • Cocked rotor
  • Centrally bent rotor shaft for balance studies
  • 5/8" shaft bearing fault kit
  • 5/8" shaft bearing loader
  • 1" shaft bearing study kit
  • 1" shaft bearing fault kit (Requires B-BSK-1)
  • 1" shaft bearing loader (Requires B-BSK-1)
  • Cocked bearing housing
  • 5/8" shaft sleeve bearing (grease lubricated) kit
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