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Beandevice ONE-TIR | Wireless Temperature Sensor

The BeanDevice ONE-TIR infrared thermometer is a wireless temperature sensor with data logger for non-contact temperature measurement applications. The sensor provides a storage capacity of up to 1 million data points and ultra-low power wireless technology that can last up to 7 years of battery operation for remote monitoring. This infrared wireless temperature sensor and data logger is encased in a robust, waterproof casing of IP67 and offers a wireless range of up to 300m. Applications of this infrared sensor include:

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Gas detection
  • Chemistry, process and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Automotive diagnosis
  • Electrical system monitoring
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Railway temperature sensor
Key features:
  • Measuring Range: -70oC to 380oC
  • Resolution : 0.02oC
  • Accuracy : 0.5oC
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