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  • Beandevice ONE-TIR-MED | Wireless Temperature Sensor with Medical Precision
  • Beandevice ONE-TIR-MED | Wireless Temperature Sensor with Medical Precision

    The BeanDevice ONE-TIR-MED infrared thermometer is a wireless temperature sensor with medical precision specially designed to measure human body temperature. The sensor die is modified to comply with the ASTM standard section 5.3 (Designation E1965 - 98(2009) - Standard Specification for Infrared Thermometers for Intermittent Determination of Patient Temperature). It is an automatic, flexible, non-invasive, and cost-effective temperature screening technology fitted with wireless connectivity. The recorded data are wirelessly transmitted to supervision software installed in the control room. Therefore, there is no requirement for human interaction, which limits the exposure and saves time.

    The sensor provides a storage capacity of up to 1 million data points and ultra-low-power wireless technology that can last up to 29 months of battery operation for remote monitoring. Up to three levels of alarm notification can be set up through the supervision software and can be automatically sent to different email addresses. This sensor system is ideally installed at the entrance of hospitals, offices, restaurants, factories, shopping centers, train stations, airports, and any common places where a crowd likely to form.

    Key features:
    • Measurement Range: -70oC to 115oC
    • Measurement Resolution: 0.02oC
    • Accuracy: 0.2oC within temperature range of 32oC to 42oC 
    • Watertight, acid-resistant IP67 protective casing
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