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AC-Operated GHSA

The distinct advantage of using an LVDT displacement transducer is that the moving core does not make contact with other electrical components of the assembly as so offers high reliability and long life. LVDTs are ideal for a wide range of applications where minimum mechanical friction is required. Highlights:
  • Unlimited mechanical life and friction free operation (friction free);
  • Infinite resolution and repeatability (electromagnetic coupling principle);
  • Single axis sensitivity (responds only to the motion of the core);
  • Separable coil and core;
  • Environmentally robust (rugged hermetically sealed for hazardous locations);
  • Absolute output (no data lost during power failure);
  • High temperature to 250 ℃;
  • High pressure to 20,000 psi;
  • Analogue I/O for PLC compatability
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Spring loaded LVDTs AC-Operated GHSA/GHSAR 750 Series DC-Operated (inc. single ended) GHSD/GHSDR Series Loop powered GHSE/GHSER Series
Measuring range ±1.25 mm to ±50.0 mm ±1.25 mm to ±100.0 mm 2.5 mm to 100 mm
Input Voltage 3.0 Vrms 15-24V DC, 30 mA 10-28V DC
Input Frequency 2.5-3.0 kHz 2.5-3.0 kHz
Non-Linearity <±0.25% F.S.O <±0.10% F.S.O <±0.25% F.S.O
Repeatability 0.6µm 0.6µm 2.5µm
Operating Temperature -55℃ to +105℃ -55℃ to +105℃ -30℃ to +80℃
Thermal Coefficient of Sensitivity -0.02%/℃ -0.02%/℃ -0.027%/℃
Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) is an electromechanical transducer that converts the rectilinear motion of a target to a corresponding electrical signal. In the simplest form of LVDT, the design consists of a primary and two secondary windings with a separate cylindrical core which passes through the contre of the housing tube without any physical contact to the inside surface. The LVDT’s primary winding is energized by an alternating current of constant frequency from an electronic oscillator and the excitation produces alternating magnetic field in the centre of the transducer which induces alternating voltages that are included in the two secondary windings depends on the position of the core. Movement of the core within the magnetic field causes the change of secondary windings outputs and when the core is in the centre of the two secondary windings, the coupling of the primary winding equals to the two secondary windings, therefore, the output “0” is derived.
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Are used for position measurement finding applications in energy & power generation, factory automation, aerospace military, subsea marine, industrial OEM, civil engineering and R&D.More application portfolio please click here.For more information, CONTACT US now with your application details. To view the brochure, you will need to have a PDF reader. If you don’t have one installed, please download a free copy from the Adobe PDF Reader site.
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