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  • 5M_HB | Ultra fast miniature pressure transducer
  • 5M_HB | Ultra fast miniature pressure transducer

    The Keller M5 are miniature pressure transducers that are ideal for measurement in places where access is restricted such as in very thin pipes. The front-flush design assures smooth fluid measurements without the interference of gas bubbles. This miniature pressure transducer supports measurements in hot environment as high as 200 °C without the need for a cooling adapter. The M5 is available with extremely wide dynamic range from 0 to 50kHz to reliably record static pressure as well as rapid pulsations.

    Key Features:
    • Pressure range: 3 bar to 30 bar
    • 0.2% Accuracy
    • Operating Temperature: -50 to 180 °C
    • IP 67 Protection
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