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New Laser Triangulation Sensor with Laser Line for measurement in structured surfaces


Bestech Australia announces the release of a new laser triangulation sensor with laser line technology from Micro-Epsilon. 

The optoNCDT 1900LL is an addition to the optoNCDT1900 range of laser triangulation sensors. This optoNCDT 1900LL model adds to the comprehensive line of laser triangulation sensors and extends to the small laser line (LL) technology of oval-shaped light.

This precise laser sensor with a small laser line is specially designed to be effective on shiny metallic, rough, and structured surfaces. Its addition to the LL range has completed the applicability of laser sensors in smooth, diffuse, and rough surfaces.

The optoNCDT 1900LL model from Micro-Epsilon offers a measuring rate of up to 10kHz. Its advanced LL technology projects a small laser, also called oval light spot, of just a few millimetres in width to compensate for the speckling effect particularly observed on metallic surfaces. 

The laser triangulation sensor can be used in restricted installation spaces owing to its compact design which comes with an integrated controller. With the highest immunity of ambient light in its class, it performs accurately in environments with strongly illuminated light of up to 50,000 lux. 

Due to its precision of distance measurement on structures surfaces, the optoNCDT 1900LL is ideal for high-reliability 3D operations such as print head positioning. It also finds its suitability in challenging automation tasks, measuring machines, automotive production, etc. 

The optoNCDT 1900LL is available with 2mm, 10mm, and 25mm measuring ranges. 

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