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New Short-Wave Thermal Imaging camera for measurements on metal surfaces


Bestech Australia announces the release of a new version of the short wave thermoIMAGER TIM series from Micro-Epsilon. Combining the suitability for all near-infrared (NIR) and CO2-based laser processing applications, the new thermoIMAGER TIM M-08 completes the short-wave thermal imager portfolio in terms of metal temperature measurement tasks.

With a narrow-band spectral wavelength of 780-820mm and an uninterrupted temperature range from 575°C to 1,900°C, the thermal imager caters for non-contact temperature measurements on metal surfaces during laser processing. With the advantage of using a different spectral wavelength as the camera and no requirement of additional filters to operate, TIM M-08 addresses the challenge of controlling part temperature during laser welding, to maintain the strength and resilience of build during additive manufacturing. 

The special filters used in TIM M-08 make it ideal for use with NIR lasers such as neodymium-YAG lasers, where the laser light will not pass through the filter and the thermal imager will be well suited for monitoring temperatures during laser welding and laser additive machining processes.

thermoIMAGER TIM M-08 is set up using licence-free TIMConnect real-time thermography software which enables parameter set-up of the camera and automatic process and quality control.

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