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Test-rig for steel wheel profile measurement

The high mileage of rail vehicles often leads to causing wear on the wheels. This affects the safety of the vehicle and generates high maintenance costs. To avoid this, test-rig setup is introduced in the track bed to measures the profile sets of complete trains. To perform the inspection of rail track wheels, high precision modern measurement system is used that includes point and line laser-based optical devices. 

Two optoNCDT point lasers and two scanCONTROL profile-lasers by Bestech Australia are used in this process for acquiring the wheel diameter and position and acquiring the wheel profile. In addition to these four sensors, two more sensors are used to acquire the direction of travel and speed of the rail vehicle. The tracks also have half-sided recesses to make way for the laser to make measurements.

The Laser profile scanner and Laser sensor work on the principle of laser triangulation that involves a laser diode projecting a visible light spot onto the surface of the measurement target. In case of laser profile scanners, the laser beam is enlarged using special lenses to make it form a static laser line which is projected to the target surface.

Sensor technology used:

Laser profile scanners