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Quality control for railway sleeper production

Quality control of railway sleeper is performed by manufacturers using various 3D measurement systems along with optical sensors. The process includes monitoring the characteristics of embedded parts of rail sleepers such as strength, rigidity and stability. This test is done regularly to avoid any large damage. Two laser profile scanners are used in this process to scan the sleeper.

Bestech Australia provides scanCONTROL laser profile sensors that travel along the portal axes and provide the profile data. In this measurement system, the data for the sleepers are linked to the relevant metal mould stored in the database in the form of sleeper type, mould number and date. A software then renders this data into an image in real time and provides the measurement values. The laser profile sensors function well even in harsh production conditions due to the protection provided by a shatterproof housing in the sensors. Additionally, non-contact sensors from Micro-epsilon can also be used to monitor the sleepers’ surface temperature throughout the production. 

Sensor technology used:

Laser profile scanner