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Measurement of rail track wear

The rail tracks are always prone to high stress and load due to constant running of high speed modern trains. These loads may result in damages which could be a threat to safety and stability of trains running on those tracks. Hence, the condition of these tracks must be regularly checked to prevent any accident. In doing so, the wear of the rail head must be inspected to ensure that the rail is not too high that might lead to train derailments.

ScanCONTROL laser profile scanners by Bestech Australia have the capability to measure the condition of rail heads at very high speeds. The process requires two scanCONTROL sensors to measure the entire rail head profile. The calculated profile data is then compared with the target profiles in the customer’s evaluation software. Any deviation for the defined tolerance limit is marked on a map.

A laser profile scanner two-dimensional profile of target objects using special lenses used to enlarge a laser beam to form a static laser line which is projected to the target surface. A third dimension can be generated by traversing sensor or measure moving objects. The ScanCONTROL scanners come in three different series: COMPACT, HIGHSPEED and SMART.

Sensor technology used:

Laser profile scanners