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Rebound behaviour of the felt

In paper production process, a felt is used to transport the paper web from the screen station to the pressing station and it also removes moisture residues from the paper. For determining the quality of a paper, the wear and the rebound behaviour of the felt are the deciding factors. Hence, it is important to monitor the wear at the guide roller consistently to ensure a fine production of paper. 

Bestech Australia has optoNCDT Laser-optical position measuring system suitable for use in this situation. Two sensors are used to perform the measurement and the effective thickness measurement of the felt is generated as a result. On finding a value falling below the specified limits, the production is stopped and the felt is replaced. These sensors come with a protective housing in order to survive ambient environment and operating conditions.

These sensors offer the highest precision in their class with their high measuring rate, even in continous industrial use and can also be installed in restricted spaces, due to their compact design with integrated controller. The sensor ranges are suitable for measurements on shiny or metllic as well as matt surfaces.

Sensor technology used:

Laser sensor