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Monitoring metal sheet infeed during the pressing process

In the deep drawing process of metal sheet, the plate is pressed onto the mold. During the process, the flange of sheet is partially pulled inwards due to the decrease in thickness of the component during the deep drawing process and the displaced material flow from the edge of the sheet. Hence, quality assurance of the pressed part is very crucial and in order to do so, this distortion in thickness could be measured as a change in distance.

OptoNCDT 1420 Laser Triangulation Sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used for measuring the distortion, by placing the sensors around the metal sheet in such a way that it efficiently measures on the edge of the sheet, which is between the top and bottom of the tool. These sensors can measure extremely small gaps between the two tool parts of less than one millimeter. The measured value is then to the controller, either via analog or digitally and allows the user to determine how much material has flowed. This ensures that the pressing force is controlled and hence reducing material waste, downtime and costs.

Sensor Technology: OptoNCDT 1420 Laser Triangulation Sensors