Gap measurement in photovoltaic modules

During the production of photovoltaic modules, there are high chances of hotspots being developed on the surface of the panel due to badly soldered surfaces or any structural defect. To overcome this limitation, Apollan Solar introduced NICE technology that brought air and humidity tight sealing technique for automating the fabrication process and reduce production defects. This technology enables the use of spacers made of organic sealant material placed in between the back metal sheet and the front glass pane to prevent the solar cells from hitting the glass pane.

The gap between the glass pane and the metal needs to be maintained throughout the production to avoid crushing the cells or disfunctioning. Bestech Australia provides a line of confocal miniature sensors optoNCDT IFS 2405/06 ideal to perform high-resolution target independent measurements. They can measure the exact thickness of multiple layers of different transparent materials as in solar panel modules. This sensor diffuses white light through a multi-lens optical system which separates the white light into different spectra, making it focus perpendicularly on the target object. The measuring range of this  system can go upto nanometres.

Sensor technology used:

Confocal chromatic sensors