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Vehicle Misuse Testing to Validate Chassis Components

The vehicle testing team at Applus IDIADA is responsible to ensure vehicle safety to avoid crash misdetections by driving the vehicle through different extreme tracks including potholes, ramps, jumps or curbs. With vehicles driving over such obstacles, the chassis systems and components tend to suffer and deform. The team records and measures these deformations and defects to ensure that the critical parts remain functional and the vehicle controllability and passengers’ safety is not at risk. To do so, several sensors such as strain gauges, displacement transducers or load cells are externally installed or pre-installed with the vehicle to gauge the deformations during these maneuvers. 

The imc Cronos Flex Data Acquisition System ensures that the data from these sensors are recorded and monitored in real-time and high-frequency and stored for future use. These DAQ systems can be connected to WIFI to understand how the vehicle is behaving even when the test is conducted in extreme events such as roll-over events with driverless vehicles. Since it is not possible to repeat such tests, the daq system ensures that the data is never lost with its SSD units that allows data to be recorded in both the acquisition laptop and the imc DAQ system. 

The imc Data Acquisition also enables integration with other imc measurement devices for extensive measurement with hundreds and thousands of channels.They are connected via Ethernet and synchronised via DCF77, IRIG-B, GPS or PTP.  With the integrated imc Online FAMOS computing software, the measurement data can be calculated and analysed in real time.