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New Fluid Power Training Simulator for Hydrostatic Transmission System

Bestech Australia introduces the new MF550 hydrostatic transmission training simulator, the latest addition to the fluid power training system portfolio, tailored specifically for instructing technicians on troubleshooting industrial hydrostatic transmission systems. Developed to bridge technical gaps and enhance the skills of fluid power technicians, this unit provides learners with practical experience on fully operational hydrostatic transmission systems within a safe and controlled setting. The MF550 boasts a compact design, making it easy to store indoors.

Designed for educational use, the MF550 features programming capabilities that can automatically simulate every fault listed in the troubleshooting charts for hydrostatic transmission systems. It also allows for real-time operation through an onboard panel PC controlled by a 24-inch touchscreen, making it a cutting-edge tool for training technicians on the setup, maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting of hydrostatic transmission systems.

The touchscreen panel displays key operating parameters such as oil temperature and pressure. Educational content, including troubleshooting scenarios, service manuals, and various drive mode experiments, is accessible via this touchscreen panel.

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