Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that study the process of converting materials into usable products which often involves chemical reactions, for industrial use and consumers. Chemical Engineering also deals with the development and optimisation of industrial process, and therefore, is also commonly known as process engineering.  

The study of chemical engineering degree can be broadly divided into three different category; foundation building, core chemical engineering subjects and practical projects. The foundation units comprises basic mathematics, physics, chemistry and fluid mechanics that enables student to build strong engineering foundations. The core subjects of chemical engineering evolves around thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, material balances, process controls, separation processing and chemical reaction engineering. Finally, students will be working on a final year design and research project, where they apply the principles that they have learnt throughout their degree in a real-life scenario or engineering problem.

At Bestech Australia, we supply a wide range of high-quality teaching equipment for chemical engineering teaching laboratory. We can offer complete system for demonstration of chemical engineering unit operation such as distillation column, liquid-liquid extraction column, absorption and adsorption column, evaporator,  condenser or modular reactor system for demonstrating chemical reaction in CSTR, plug flow reactor and investigating the role of catalysts in catalytic reaction.

We also supply training system to demonstrate and experiments with First and Second Law of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, basic heat transfer phenomena such as conduction, forced & free convection and radiation, and we also offer small-scale industrial exchanger including popular shell & tube heat exchanger to demonstrate heat transfer mechanism in industrial processes. We also have in our range  laboratory scale and pilot scale process such as bio-manufacturing rig that simulates process such as digestion, fermentation, pasteurization as well as water treatment process, including aerobic and anaerobic digester, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ion-exchange process.

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