High Speed Torque Transducers

Rotating Contactless Torque Transducers and Sensors are designed for measurement of mechanical torque, rotation speed and angle. Contactless torque transducers applied with Rotary Transformer, Wireless Telemetry, Infrared (IR), FM transmitter or Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technologies are produced to overcome the defect of using slip ring in torque measurement for high speed rotating applications. As configured without drag torque or bearings, the wear parts are eliminated, making the operating speeds (rpm) increase dramatically up to 40,000 rpm for high capacity units.

Furthermore, the combination of torque sensors and DIN standard couplings corresponds to power density and market requirements that ensure the long-lasting high performance of the torque sensor. Next to various keyway hubs, tension rings and clamping hubs, a flange connection and 6 different shaft-hub-connections are available. Rotary torque transducers ranging from 0.01-20000 Nm with high accuracy and quality are the ideal choice for dynamic torque measurement.