Electromechanical UTMs (1kN-5kN)

Lloyd Instruments NEW 'LS' range of bench mounted Single Column Universal Material Testing Machines (UTMs) are designed to measure forces/loads up to 5kN (1124lbf) and ideal for routine quality control testing or complex multi-stage tests. The universal testing machine is given the name for its capabilities of commencing more than one specific testing operation. These materials testing machines can carry out tensile, compression, flexure, friction, fatigue, impact, insertion or extraction, peeling, tearing or cyclic, torsion and hardness tests on a wide variety of materials or components. Single column testing systems featuring linear guide technology, pre-loaded recirculating ball screws and advanced software compensation are preferably chosen where free access to the test area is desirable. The Universal Material Testers are suitable for industrials ranging from medical devices, plastics and packaging to textiles, rubber and electronics providing high precision and versatility. A very comprehensive range of grips, fixtures and extensometers is available to accommodate specific test specimens while powerful material testing software is offered to implement the required tests and allow easy data management.