Isotron/ IEPE Accelerometers

Isotron® IEPE-type voltage mode accelerometers features an integral electronic impedance converter eliminating the need for an external charge amplifier. An IEPE accelerometer has a fixed amplitude range. A typical charge-mode accelerometer will have an operating temperature range of –55°C to 288°C. Special-purpose accelerometers are available for extreme environments as low as –269°C to as high as 760°C. Special radiation-hardened charge-mode accelerometers are available for use in a nuclear environment. For low-level shock measurements, a general-purpose accelerometer will usually do the job. The accelerometer will need a linear range of at least 500 g and a shock survivability rating of 500 g. An IEPE type is usually preferred because they are less susceptible to producing erroneous. For far-field shock measurements, a special shear-mode accelerometer with a built-in electronic filter is often adequate. These are usually lightweight IEPE types with solder connections. The electronic filter attenuates the resonance frequency of the accelerometer to prevent overloading of the DA equipment.
IEPE accelerometers can drive long cables with minimal distortion and noise pick-up. Isotron® electronics are compatible with industry standard IEPE current sources built into most industry standard data acquisition systems.