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    The 28959G portable accelerometer calibrator is a complete self-contained system for calibrating all types of available accelerometers. The system includes a built-in vibration exciter, signal generator, computer-controlled amplifier, a reference accelerometer, signal conditioners and all necessary connectors and accessories. The test amplitude is adjustable up to 20g over the frequency range of 7Hz to 10kHz. The internal reference accelerometer is traceable to NIST calibration standard.The unique automatic test mode feature allows the user to calibrate accelerometer with minimum interference. Built-in sensor library is also included in the system and the device will be able to identify the accelerometer based on the specified frequency range. Calibration results are displayed in real-time LCD color screen. The results can also be exported in PDF format or saved in USB drive.
    Sensor Input
    • Charge mode piezoelectric (PE)
    • Voltage mode piezoelectric (IEPE)
    • Piezoresistive (PR)
    • Variable Capacitance (VC)
    Frequency Range 7Hz to 10kHz
    Measurement Accuracy
    • Acceleration : ±3% @2kHz, ±12% @12kHz
    • Velocity : ±3% @ 1kHz
    • Displacement : ±3% @ 150Hz
    Key Features:
    • PDF report generation
    • USB Interface
    • Touch screen UI
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