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TS70 | Shear Beam Miniature Torque Transducer

The TS70 miniature torque transducer is designed to measure reaction torque of up to 10N.m. The measuring element of the TS70 is designed as shear beam with very high stiffness to protect against twisting and axial forces. It consists of an outer flange and an inner flange which are connected by 4 shear beams. The flanges have 4 M4 threads each for introducing torque. These miniature torque transducer is suited for measurement of reaction torque in drives and teststands.

Key features:
  • Nominal torque range: 0 - 2N.m to 0 - 10N.m
  • Bending moment limit: 5Nm
  • Accuracy: 0.1%
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