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  • TIM QVGA HD T100 | Thermal Imager for Body temperature screening
  • TIM QVGA HD T100 | Thermal Imager for Body temperature screening

    The TIM QVGA HD T100 is the compact and lightweight thermal imaging camera specifically designed for detection of elevated body temperature for fever screening. It can measure the temperature of group of people or individual in less than 12.5ms per measurement. The point of view can be optimised for measurement on the part of the body that most accurately depict the core body temperature. This system can measure the elevated body temperature, however, should not be confused with medically-certified thermometer that can accurately measure the true human body temperature.

    The software can be programmed to automatically recognize people with elevated body temperature, which may indicate potential illness. This thermal camera is ideally installed at the visitor entrances and security gates in public places such as in offices, train stations, schools and universities, supermarkets and airports. There are three different types of lenses to choose from. Wider 53" x 38" lens is suitable for measuring temperature of large crowd or group of people. The narrow lens is more suitable for measurement of one person.

    Find out how measurement is conducted using the TIM QVGA HD100
    Key features:
    • Detector pixels of 382 x 288 pixels
    • Range: -20C to 100C
    • 40mK thermal sensitivity
    • 80Hz measuring rate
    • 0.5C measuring accuracy when paired with ambient reference detector
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