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Tension Load Cell

The tension load cell is designed to offer benefits such as three point-contact mounts for tilt-free installation in which excellent measurement results can be achieved even with a sub-optimum mounting surface.  A tension load cell is pulled apart, rather than bent or compressed. Tension Links, S-Type load cells, Crane Scales, Canisters, and Pancakes are examples of tension-type load cells.  Tension load cells are used wherever tensile, pulling, towing, mooring or other tension force needs to be measured. It comes in point-contact mounts which delivers tilt-free installation.  Bestech Australia supplies the tension load cells which are suitable for Crane and hoist weighing, overload protection for crane/hoist scale, tank & hopper scales, tensile strength measurement, towing loads & cable forces, mooring strength and hanging scales.
Key Features
  • Maximum Operating Force: 130% of capacity
  • Overload Burst: > 300% of capacity
  • Material: High-grade Aluminium
  • Operating temperature Range: -30 °C +80 °C
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