Strength of Materials

  • HSM1cD: Advanced Beam Testing Apparatus
  • HSM4: Pendulum Impact Tester
  • HSM2: Torsion OF Bars
  • HSM7: Extension of Springs
  • HSM8: Compression of Springs
  • HSM10: Curved Bars
  • HSM11: Combined Bending and Torsion
  • HSM15: Critical Condition of Struts
  • HSM16: Torsion of a Spiral Spring
  • HSM18: Electrical Resistance Strain Gauge
  • HSM19: Rotating Fatigue Machine
  • HSM19D: Rotating Fatigue Machine (Digital)
  • HSM20: Alternating Bending Fatigue Machine
  • HSM30: Unsymmetrical Cantilever Apparatus
  • HSM31: Torsion Testing Machine(30Nm)
  • HSM32: Thick Cylinder Apparatus
  • HSM33: Thin Cylinder Apparatus
  • HSM34: Creep Testing Machine
  • HSM35: Torsion and Deflection Testing Apparatus
  • HSM38: Polariscope
  • HSM40: Torsion Testing Machine(200Nm)
  • HSM41: Pendulum Impact Test(25J)
  • HSM43: Torsion Testing Machine(100Nm)
  • HSM44: Hydraulic Universal Material Tester (50kN)
  • HSM45: Transmitted Light Polariscope
  • HSM51: Rockwell//liinel Combined Hardness Tester
  • HSM53: Vickers Hardness Tester
  • HSM55: Pendulum Impact Tester(300J)
  • HSM56: Extension and Compression of Springs
  • HSM57: Loading and Buckling of Struts
  • HSM58: Universal Materials Tester(20kN)



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