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EM-300-07 – SRS Restrain and air bag diagnostic trainer

The new EM-300-07 diagnostic trainer from Consulab is an upgrade from the SBS air bag trainer. This SRS restrain and air bag diagnostic trainer is designed based on the 3r generation 2015-2017 Honda Fit. It helps the instructor to teach the functionality and fundamentals of supplemental restrain system (SRS) and their interaction on the Honda F CAN-BUS and functional K-line network.

Students at all skill levels will be able to perform hands-on experiment with this trainer such as system analysis and live diagnosis without worrying that air bag or seat belt tensioner being deployed. They will also have complete access to the restrain system without having to disassemble a car. It is also safe for beginner to experiments with this unit due to the absence of live components.

For the instructors, they can easily assign faults for students to work on as every circuit has their own test points. Up to 26 system faults can be assigned to this system for student diagnosis without damaging the OEM connections that can results from repeated connect/ disconnecting cycle.

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