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Nexygen Plus Software

NEXYGENPlus 3 multi-lingual materials testing software is designed for use with Windows©XP or Windows©7. Simple select test from one of its pre-defined test procedures to create any desired tests based on any international standards thanks to the software’s large built-in library of test methods. Video and still image capture help for post-test visual analysis whilst built-in SPC enables continuous monitoring of process parameters such as Cp and Cpk. Collected testing data can be transferred and used externally seamlessly as MS office packages have been integrated into the software. The software is configured to allow rapid and accurate data collection with many built-in functions to ensure free testing. Its powerful analysis and reports tools not only deliver multi-colour graphs with legend in most popular commercial packages like Excel, TXT, ASCII, WORD, and etc. to be printed or emailed, it also provides direct connections to LIMS systems used in laboratories. All testing data are generated and transferred automatically without operator intervention.
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Test Creation
  • Large built-in library of test methods and standards
  • Application areas include plastics, metals, rubber, building materials, component testing, products testing, textiles, paper, wood, medical devices and etc.
  • Test creation wizards included as standard, tension/compression test, tear and peel test, cycling test, flexural test, friction test and user configurable test for multi-stage testing.
how to create a simple test
Data Collection
  • Supports direct reading of Mitutoyo digital micrometers & callipers for sample measurement
  • part numbers can be programmed into the system to avoid data entry errors by operators
  • Customisable user instructions can include digital pictures of fixtures & sample setup
  • Video capture system allows playback of synchronised video & graph. Ideal for post test analysis of product or component testing
  • Capture still images of sample throughout the test for post event analysis
  • Clear pass/fail indications for operator
  • Users can select relevant points in graphs display
Watch a demo of error free testing & video capture
Data Analysis
  • Graphs can be overlaid in multiple colours with a legend shown directly on the graph
  • Data can be automatically export to specified MS Excel worksheets without operator intervention
  • Graph data points can be automatically exported. Automatic execution of Excel macros allows complex reporting & tedious analysis work generated automatically
  • Built-in export utilities assist with direct connections to LIMS systems (MS Word reporting)
  • Built-in SPC functionality allows continuous process monitoring
Demo of automatic MS Excel data exporting View the power & ease of MS Word integration
  • Sorting test data by max. force or part ID
  • Filtering test data by part ID or view all results
  • Combining archived batches to allow analysis of all data
  • Reporting on multiple batches, e.g. merging batches for a particular product
  • Automating Excel exporting values above or below a certain value of example or exporting results to separate worksheets for each unique part ID
Security & Audit Trails
  • Allow supervisor to configure the system to enable compliance with the testing standards’ requirements, restricting user access to increase security and avoid costly errors.
  • Data integrity
  • Electronic signatures available through unique user name & password
  • Audit trails give the supervisor an overview of the system operation and records changes to test setups as well as any attempts to perform an unauthorized task
  • Configurable user access rights
Demo of Security Features
  • Supports National Instruments data acquisition cards allowing communication with external equipment include:
– Control sample loading equipment – Monitoring external signals such as temperature during the test, measurements can be taken and recorded in software – Using multiple strain gauges to measure elongation of a sample – Using voltage limits to switch testing (change direction) in software – Control and monitoring of thermal chambers and furnaces – Integration into production line for sharing part number data and informing a production line of a bad part is found
Minimum Computer Specifications for Runing NEXYGENPlus
  • USB 2.0
  • CD ROM drive, 2.4Hz Processor or better with 3GB RAM
  • Microsoft® Word (2000 or later)
  • Microsoft® Access® for Security Module maintenance (unless another advanced database is to be used)
  • Windows® 7
  • Unused COM Port with a 16550 UART (dual column machines only)Simple to set up, operate and maintain
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