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MP-1918 – CAN Bus multiplex trainer

The MP-1918 is a CAN-bus multiplex trainer that uses SAE J-1929 communication protocols to operate a 4 module CAN Bus network including both a DLC and a Deutch connector. It can also demonstrate common multiplexing control circuit via a high-speed CAN Bus network. Instructors will be able to insert faults via an integrated electronic fault box for diagnostics training. This training can be done using a DMM and DSO to investigate Bus resistance, wake up signal and high-speed information packets. This versatile CAN-BUS trainer can be used not only as a demonstration for CAN Bus system but also as a CAN bus training course when used in conjunction with the student lab manual. The MP-1918 CAN Bus training equipment is available as both single-sided and double-sided trainer with capability to accommodate more students in a classroom. It also utilises Moduponent design feature to allow unlimited expansion capabilities to accommodate more training such as heavy equipment modules, etc.

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