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Motion Reference Unit MRU-B, MRU-E, MRU-P

The InertialLabs Motion Reference Unit (MRU) is a high-performance and enhanced motion sensor built on strapdown technology. It has the ability to determine the accelerations, velocity, pitch & roll, position, heave, sway, angular rates, heading of any device upon which it is mounted.  It inculcates 3-axes of high-precision accelerometers, gyroscopes, barometer sensors and magnetometers. The resultant output is low noise, high frequency and real-time measurement of varied objects. The motion reference unit involves the fusion of cutting-edge algorithms and offers precise linear acceleration accuracy. The Motion Reference Unit is housed on the environmentally sealed IP67, which makes it ideal for operating in harsh environments. The unit comes at an affordable price and is compatible with SBES/MBES: Teledyne; R2Sonic; WAASP; Kongsberg; EdgeTech; NORBIT; IMAGENEX HYPACK, QINSY and Novatel Inertial Explorer software. The motion sensor unit is suitable to be used for marine and hydrographic applications such as vessels, active heave compensators, ships, helideck, cranes, DPS, ROV, AUV, Echo Sounders, Buoys and Offshore platforms.
PARAMETERS Motion Reference Unit (MRU)
Measurement Range: Gyroscope ±450 deg/sec ±450 deg/sec ±450 deg/sec
Measurement Range: Accelerometer ±8 g ±8 g ±8 g
Measurement Range: Magnetometer - ±1.6 gauss ±1.6 gauss
Measurement Range: Pressure 300-1100 hPa 300-1100 hPa 300-1100 hPa
Operating Temperature -40 to +70 deg C -40 to +70 deg C -40 to +70 deg C
Size 120mm x 50mm x 53mm 120mm x 50mm x 53mm 120mm x 50mm x 53mm
Weight 220 gm 280 gm 320 gm
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