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MicroEpsilon TIM-08 -Short-wave Thermal Imaging camera

The TIM M-08 is a short wave thermal imager designed for active laser operations in a range from 575°C to 1,900°C.  The thermal imager operates at a laser blocking narrow-band spectral wavelength of 780-820 nm, to offer non-contact temperature measurements on metal surfaces during laser processing.

The camera uses a special filter that makes it ideal for use with NIR lasers such as neodymium-YAG lasers that operate outside of this range. This means the laser light does not pass through the filter, making the TIM-M08 particularly suitable for monitoring temperatures during laser welding and laser additive machining processes.

Key features: Measurement range: 575°C to 1,900°C optical resolution: 764 x 480 pixels Spectral range of 780 - 820 nm Frame rate: 27 Hz to 1 kHz
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