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Manufacturing Automation – CIM

Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Automation is an integrated, computer controlled, automated manufacturing system for training that covers material handling system, CNC machine tools, processing station, quality inspection, and robotics that can simultaneously process medium sized volumes of a variety of parts. It is also known as Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) System. The parts are produced on MTAB CNC machines, assembled automatically on the assembly station, inspected by built-in VISION system. In addition to this, a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) can also be used to check the dimensional accuracy of the component produced by the CIM system.

It incorporates several of the Industry 4.0 design principles to execute the manufacturing process such as:

  1. Manufacturing (Machining process)
  2. Inspection
  3. Quality Control
  4. Assembly
  5. Raw Material and Finished Goods Storage
  6. Material Handling and Transfer Systems
  7. RFID Technology for real-time data management
  8. CIMSIM Control System for remote monitoring and adjustment

Our automation system allows the process to be managed, monitored and implemented through various control technologies. It offers the users insight and dynamic operation of a smarter factory, where automation and data from individual stations can be used to drive processes through the entire ecosystem. Incorporation of wireless RFID technology and data acquisition allows for more active control, monitoring and responsiveness.

MTAB Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Automation system is built on the integral principles of modern manufacturing system; it is designed to be flexible, modular, expandable and affordable. MTAB Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Automation is offered with the options below.

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