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  • K/P HTP1 Hand-pumps for Pressure Generation
  • K/P HTP1 Hand-pumps for Pressure Generation

    The K/P and HTP1 hand pumps are designed for simple, portable pressure generation with connection for reference pressure meter.  The K/P hand pump allows negative pressures/vacuums and pressures of up to 25 bar to be generated and a calibration pressure to be set accurately and quickly. Its suitable medium for operation in air. The HTP1 hydraulic hand pump allows pressures of up to 700 bar can be generated. Its integrated fine adjustment and relief valve are highly suitable for testing manometers and pressure transmitters. The calibrator can be operated in Oil or Water medium.
    • Measuring range:
      • Hand-pump K/P: -0,85…25 bar
      • Hand-pump HTP1: 0…700 bar
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